35 Writing Prompts to Bring out your Creativity

Writing prompts to bring out your creativity.

Getting stuck as a writer isn’t a matter of if, but when. Use these creative writing prompts to break out of the slump and get that creativity flowing once more.

For Fun

  • It was said there was an island far away where all lost things ended up. And you had just found it.
  • You’ve discovered a planet, describe what you see.
  • You are looking out over the ocean and there is a vessel before you. Describe the setting and the vessel.
  • Wait, I Like You?Create a scene where two friends are taking a walk outside. They begin flirting and realize they like each other.
  • You are a chicken. Cross the road
  • You are the last surviving pilgrim in the colony of Jamestown
  • Write a romance between two trees
  • Your sister disappears, no one else notices except you. You’re stuck in a wheelchair. Find her.
  • Character is a bank robber and the getaway car is haunted.
  • Create a children’s story that happens in a graveyard at night.
  • There is a fast river in front of your character, get across it.
  • Your character’s greatest fear comes alive. What happens next?
  • Your character is dying, write their final moments.

Story Development

  • Take a current scene from your novel and tell it from the perspective of a different character.
  • Take a current scene from your novel and tell it from the perspective of a different character.  Before writing, think about how a different viewpoint character will change the way the scene is written.
  • Take a scene from your novel and write it so the secondary character is the opposite gender
  • Create 4 new aspects of a world. They have to be new and of your own design. Try to give a description, and what its purpose might be/how it fits into a world.
  • Tell a “historical” story from your world, it could be a myth, legend, etc.

Random Words:

  • Gold, bird, tear (crying), steel, fire
  • Train, turtle, poison, mountain, bell
  • Grin, hat, stone, friend, torn
  • Smell, mug, magic, log, cat

Continue the Story:

  • “Oh, one more thing, if you need any help, just let me know.”
  • Jaren bent down till he was only a foot or so above the water but couldn’t tell what he was supposed to be looking at.
  • He bellowed in rage, all the hatred, anger, and frustration he had felt while he lived came crashing down on him at once.
  • He strode past the sentries into the King’s counsel chamber, a small bundle wrapped in nondescript cloth tucked safely under his arm.
  • An unholy cry, filled with rage and pain, echoed around the room.
  • The edge of his vision started to go black as realization hit him. “We’re doomed.”
  • He rolled over. Above him, hanging in the air, was a man with giant wings coming out of his back.
  • “Dude you remember Jenna from high school right? Well she just moved up here last month and when I told her that you were in town she wanted to catch up with you.”
  • His sword fell from his grasp, its point sinking into the mud.
  • “Prepare for landing.” Siri’s voice came in over the coms.
  • I had been warned they would be coming. I had been told, time and time again, that on this day they would arrive. 

Character Sheet

  1. Choose three Characters
  2. Choose two Characters
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